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Byron's correspondence

For Byron's correspondence, visit the late Dr Peter Cochran's website here

Editorial introduction

This online edition of Byron’s major poems has been made according to the principles which I evolved in my 1993 PhD at the University of Glasgow, under the supervision of Drummond Bone... more


An index of Byron's works can be seen here

Poems, Prose and Essays

Byron's poems, prose and essays can be seen here


In 1812, the English House of Lords was one of the most corrupt and obscurantist bastions of entrenched privilege yet devised by man. It was not an arena in which reasoned argument could expect a sympathetic hearing. For the Tory majority in the Lords, whatever was, was right, and their Lordships were both. If the impatient Whig Byron had a political ambition, the Lords was not the place where it would flourish – and it did not... more

Newstead Review - selected articles

The Newstead Abbey Byron Society was founded in 1988, and its annual Review (called the Newsletter) started in November of that year. Because the Review has a fairly small (though increasingly international!) circulation, we thought it might be a good idea to put some of its more interesting articles on this website. See more here

Other documents

Byron in China and Japan
Italian and Austrian Police Records
Documents relating to Byron's finances 1812-18
Byron's Library
Byron at Southwell
Thomas Moore: Enduring endearing youth charms - Allan Gregory
Thomas Moore's Orientalism - Allan Gregory
Hours of Idleness - Allan Gregory

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